Google’s $96 Billion Plunge: AI Bias Blunder Rocks Tech Giant

Google's $96 Billion Plunge: AI Bias Blunder Rocks Tech Giant

In a big surprise, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, lost a lot of money – $96 billion! This happened because they stopped using their AI tool called Gemini. The tool was making wrong pictures that showed people from different races incorrectly. So, Google had to stop it.

The Problem with Gemini

Google’s AI tool, Gemini, made pictures that were not right. It showed people who were supposed to be White as Black, Native American, or Asian. This upset a lot of people, so Google had to stop Gemini from making more pictures.

Because of this, Alphabet, the company that owns Google, lost a lot of money – almost $96.9 billion! This made their shares go down by 5.4%, which was worse than other big market numbers.

What Google’s Boss Did

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, quickly tried to fix things. He said they were working hard to make Gemini better. He also said the wrong pictures were not okay, and they would check everything before using Gemini again.

The Big Impact

The problem with Gemini showed that Google had some other problems too. They were talking about serious things like “antiracism” and “white privilege” inside the company. Google said sorry many times and promised to make Gemini work better.