Matt Chapman Signs $54 Million Deal with San Francisco Giants

Matt Chapman Signs $54 Million Deal with San Francisco Giants

Recently, a three-year contract of $54 million has been signed between the San Francisco Giants and third baseman Matt Chapman, famous for his top-notch defensive skills. This deal is set up in such a way that, at the end of the first year or at the end of the second year, he is eligible to become a free agent again on his own terms.

Who is Matt Chapman?

Matt Chapman is a professional as well as a seasoned Major League Baseball (MLB) player who plays as a third baseman. He is famous for his great defensive capacities, with him being many times the winner of a Gold Glove award and Platinum Glove award and, therefore, he is recognized as one of the best defensive players at his position of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The award-winning Chapman who in the past turned down a big offer from the Toronto blue jays worth over $100 million and didn’t accept their qualifying offer amounting to over $20 million.

A year ago, Chapman started the season with a high batting average and OPS and was doing very well. However, his performance decreased as the season progressed and he ended with a lower batting average and fewer homers. Being previously managed by Bob Melvin under the A’s it is no surprise his new contract with the Giants brings him back under this manager.

How does matt chapman’s contract affect the san francisco giants’ payroll

This $54 million contract of Matt Chapman with the San Francisco Giants will tilt the team’s payroll more toward the right side. The negotiations are arranged for $20 million in 2024 and $18 million both in 2025 and 2026. Yet, Chapman has the affordable ability to opt-out either after the first season or second season.

The total papout of the fixed annual salary commitment for the next three years to the team’s payrolls is by far substantial, but it also provides some degree of flexibility due to the opt-out options in the contract.

Through making Chapman their signing The Giants show that their money is going towards improving the infield defense as well as bringing a strong bat to the lineup of the team. This step though invites another view for the finances as well. The Giants loss their second choice (51st overall) in the 2024 draft and $500,000 from their international bonus pool by accepting Chapman dollar, who was rejected his previous team qualifying agreement.