Nvidia Launches “Chat with RTX”: Offline ChatGPT?

Nvidia Launches "Chat with RTX": The Ultimate AI Chatbot Revolutionizing Your PC Experience

Nvidia has recently introduced a game-changer in the world of artificial intelligence with its latest creation, “Chat with RTX.” This innovative application is designed to run AI chatbots directly on PCs equipped with RTX graphics cards, offering users a highly personalized and secure way to interact with AI.

Imagine you have a super smart robot friend on your computer that can talk to you, answer your questions, and learn from things like books, videos, and websites. This robot friend is called a chatbot, and it’s like having your own personal helper that’s really good at chatting.

There’s a new kind of chatbot made by a company called Nvidia, and it’s special because it lives right on your computer. You don’t need to ask it questions over the internet; it’s like a game that you download and play without needing to go online.

Super Fast Answers: Because this chatbot is on your computer, it can give you answers really quickly, just like when you play a game on your computer and it doesn’t lag or get slow.

Learn from YouTube: This chatbot is also cool because it can watch YouTube videos and then talk to you about what it learned from them. So, if you ask it about something that was in a video, it can give you answers as if it watched the video itself.

Keeps Your Secrets Safe: Since the chatbot is on your computer and doesn’t use the internet to talk to you, all the things you tell it or ask it stay private. It’s like writing in a diary that no one else can read.

Personal Robot Friend: You can teach this chatbot new things all the time. So, if you learn something new and tell your chatbot about it, it will remember and become even smarter.

Understands Different Files: This chatbot is pretty smart and can read different types of files like text files, PDFs, and Word documents. It’s like if you gave it a book or a paper from school, it could read it and understand it.

Make It Your Own: Lastly, you can make this chatbot your own by teaching it things that you like or are interested in. It’s like if you’re really into dinosaurs, you can make your chatbot become a dinosaur expert too!

This new chatbot is Nvidia’s way of letting people have their own little robot friend on their computer that can talk, learn, and keep secrets, all without needing to go online.