ChatGPT Got More Closer To Human Brain with The New Memory Feature

ChatGPT Got More Closer To Human Brain with The New Memory Feature

OpenAI made ChatGPT even smarter with a new memory feature! This means you can now tell ChatGPT to remember things for you, ask it what it remembers, and even tell it to forget stuff. This feature is available for some users, and you can easily turn it on or off.

Imagine you have a robot friend who’s really good at remembering things you tell it. This robot friend is made by a company called OpenAI. They’ve given your robot friend a cool new trick: it can now remember things even better and you can tell it exactly what to remember or forget.

Video Courtsey: OpenAi

If you want your robot friend to remember something special, like your favorite ice cream flavor, you just have to tell it, “Hey, remember that my favorite ice cream is chocolate.” And if you’re curious about what it remembers, you can ask, “What do you remember?” If you change your mind and don’t want it to remember your favorite ice cream anymore, you can say, “Forget about my favorite ice cream.”

But what if you want to make sure your robot friend doesn’t remember anything at all? You can go into its settings, kind of like when you change the settings on a video game, and turn off its memory. It’s like playing a game in guest mode, where nothing you do gets saved.

Sometimes, you might want to delete just one thing it remembers, like if you told it your secret handshake but don’t want it to remember anymore. You can go back into the settings and choose to delete just that one memory.

And if you want to have a chat with your robot friend but don’t want it to remember any part of the conversation, you can use something called “temporary chat.” It’s like having a secret conversation that disappears completely once you’re done talking. This way, you can talk about surprise birthday party plans without your robot friend accidentally spilling the beans!

So, OpenAI made it so you can have more control over what your robot friend remembers, which is pretty neat because it helps you keep your secrets safe and only share what you want to share.

Read more about this feature on OpenAI’s offical blog here.